« Il n'y a que Dieu qui puisse sans danger être tout-puissant.  »

Alexis de Tocqueville

People of the United States of America,
in 2015, if all goes well, the frigate "L'Hermione" will cross the ocean to join Rochefort (France) to Boston. This frigate, nearing completion, is the most accurate replica of the ship on which Lafayette sailed to decisively provide assistance to the insurgents who founded the United States of America.
No doubt it is an ambitious and beautiful project that everyone can only agree enthusiastically.
But we hope that many Americans will be able to enjoy to see "the ship of Liberty" in the various ports where it will drop anchor without having to contort themselves over ugly and insulting barricades, as it is the case right now for all French tourists visiting the small town of Rochefort, at the mouth of the river Charente, on the Atlantic coast of France.
In this site we denounce the stupid policy, the "CONNERIE", conducted over the years by the governance of Rochefort on different fields of strategic importance to Rochefort : the Hermione of course, but also the Theater of La Coupe d'Or, the St. Charles Hospital, the former Naval Hospital, the splendid "Magasin aux Vivres" falling in ruins, Saint Louis church, the park "Les Fourriers", the polluting fertilizer plant of Roullier Multinational Company, the famous "Transbordeur" Bridge (more often closed than open), and many other problems like the rapidly declining town center, around the  square "Place Colbert", with its numerous shops that close and the facades of buildings that rapidly degrade...

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